Concert for Jennings Chestnut

Feb 22 2010

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Last year I wrote a short post with audio clips about South Carolina luthier Jennings Chestnut.

There were a lot of things I liked about the man but one thing I admired was his beautiful mandolins and the passion he had for finding the right owner for each instrument.

He treated them like children and I had the blessed opportunity to be the first to play #71 at his workshop outside of Conway.

Sunday I did this short video taken from a memorial concert held in his honor at Conway High School.

In addition to luthiery, he also promoted bluegrass concerts in the area and gave needed spotlights to up and coming musicians in the field.

Click here for a gallery I did from Jennings’ 2008 Bluegrass on the Waccamaw show that featured many of the artist who performed Sunday at the memorial.

They like me were appreciative of his skills as an organizer and came Sunday to play and support the concert in his honor after he lost his battle with cancer.

Jennings was also a nurturer of bluegrass talent.

An excellent example of this can be found in 14-year-old guitarist Zeb Snyder. Jennings gave the young guitarist and his family a spotlight at his annual “Bluegrass on the Waccamaw” show and fostered the chance for folks to see the young talented family.

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Also a note for my guitarist buddies out there, Zeb is playing a beautiful Wayne Henderson OM style mahogany guitar. Like Chestnut, Henderson makes very few instruments a year and it is an honor to have one.

Zeb wanted me to point out that the guitar had just came out of the case when we recorded this and was a little off in tuning. I suggested to him, no matter the temptation, that he never sell or trade this guitar. I think most who see this would agree.


  1. Randall - in light of the bit about Zeb you might want to take a look at this:

    Cameron’s based in Arlington, VA. You may know his aerials and other work.

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